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Global Credit presents its new online lending platform, CashMe, which provides 24/7 services worldwide. On the basis of just entered passport data, the app automatically reports on the available amount of the loan. Lending is also simplified and tailored to save time of our clients. The money can be obtained both in cash, through payment terminals and mobile operators at any time of the day, as well as by bank card.



Customer RA
Customer age 21-65 (included)
Loan currency AMD
Lending type cash/non cash
Loan amount 50,000-1,400,000 AMD
Loan term 1-36 months
Annual interest rate 1-16%
Annual factual interest rate*

24%-181% (depends on fico score)

Loan service fee (monthly) 1-7.83% of loan amount (depends on fico score)
Loan payment anuity
Applicaton review fee not defined
Cash withdrawal fee not applicable
Fines, penalties

overdue amount penalty 0,13% daily

overdue interest penalty 0,13% daily

Required documents
  • passport 
  • social card
  • e-mail
Loan decision making

in a minute


Loan appilication place` online

Financial asisstant system:


Updated:27/04/2021 16:34:38