Emergency Cash Loan

Loan currency AMD

Lending type


Annual interest rate


Annual factual interest rate *


Lending term

1-12 months

Loan amount

Up to 300 000 AMD

Loan payment**

Monthly equally

Required documents

Passport and social qard

Application review fee

2 000 AMD

Loan service payment (monthly)

  • for up to 150 000 AMD- 4% of initial loan amount,
  • for 150 001 -300 000 AMD- 3% of initial loan amount 

Loan decision making ***

in 30 minutes

Customer's age


Fines, penalties

Overdue amount penalty daily 0.05%,overdue interest rate penalty daily 0.08%

Customer's registration/living place

Yeravn, Abovyan, Ejmiatsin, Masis, Eghvard, Hrazdan 


Based only on loan history

You can finde "Financial Assistant" System page by clicking here` www.abcfinance.am

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