Housing microloans

  Housing microloans                                                                         Energyefficient renovation
Lending area mostly in Yerevan and  adjacent regions
Loan aim residential real estate renovation, purchase of energy efficient systems
Loan currency AMD
Lending term 60-120 months                                                                                 120-240 months
Annual interest rate 12%                                                                                                10%
Annual factual interest rate 14.07-105.99%                                                                                10.95-12.53%
Loan amount 250 000-2 200 000 AMD                                                                    2 200 000- 5 500 000 AMD
Payment of amount and interest rate

Grace period for repayment of loan principal (Housing Microloan 6-12 months, Energy Efficient Repair - 6-24 months), interest payment, monthly. After a grace period, a monthly repayment schedule

Early payment penalty not applicable
Fines, penalties

 Penalty for overdue amount - 0.05% per day, penalty for overdue interest - 0.08%

Loan security  third person's guarantee                                                               renovated realty
Bonus 10% from loan amount                                                                  5% from loan amount
Application review fee 5 000 AMD



Loan/pledge ratio 50%
Loans ervice fee 0.7% of loan amount, at least 30 000 AMD
Decision making

within 3 business days of submitting the necessary documents

Loan formulation

within 7 business days of submitting the necessary documents

Other conditions

The guarantor must meet the criteria set by the Company

  •  The collateral should be assessed by an independent valuing entity:
  • At least 70% of the loan amount should be directed to the acquisition of materials / equipment intended for energy efficiency improvement. Upon completion of the renovation, the energy efficiency of the apartment should be at least 40% effective

Required Documents

  • application
  • passport and social qard with 2 copies 
  • reference from the place of residence
  • references on income (defined reference from the workplace to the size of the salary, other references, etc., which confirm the amount of income)
  • Copy of work record book (if available)
  • copy of employment contract;
  • marriage / divorce certificate with copy, 2 copies (if any)
  • her husband's passport with copy (in 2 copies)
  • children's passports with their copies in the presence of children
  • Costs for renovation of residential real estate by the signature of the undertaking or the borrower / co-borrower
  • Co-borrower if necessary
  • Guarantor, passport, social card, reference on income
  • Copy of renovated real estate certificate
  • Other documents, if necessary

Տեղեկատվական ամփոփագիր

The "Financial assistance" can be found on the following link www.fininfo.am

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