Instant micro loan


Loan currency AMD USD

Lending type

cash/non cash cash/non cash 


 entrepreneur entrepreneur

Loan term

up to 12months up to 12 months    

Loan amount

 250.000- 1.000.000 AMD

500-2000 USD

Annual interest rate



Loan security

without pledge and/or guarantee  without pledge and/or guarantee 

Schedule of payments

 annuity  annuity

Application review fee

2 000 AMD

2 000 AMD

Loan lending commission fee (one tim)

 3.5 % 3%

Loan service fee (monthly)

 1% concerning to initial amount 1.5 % monthly: concering to declining balacne

Cash withrawal

1% 0.5%

Fines, penalties

Overdue amount penalty daily 0.05%,overdue interest rate penalty daily 0.08%

Costumer's registration place or residence

Yerevan, 50km radius areas near Yerevan

Loan decision making*

in 30 minutes
Loan formulating** in 1 day after presentation of required documents 
Requieremnst for customer's credit history The amount of overdue days during the last 12 months should not exceed 36 calendar days during the last 12 months, and / or the number of lump-sum overdue days during the last 12 months (or, if any), for the performance of serviced or serviced credit (if any) exceeds 15 calendar days, unless it is not conditioned by the corresponding letter provided by the creditor organization, with the Customer's uncertainty or insolvency; According to ACRA Credit Bureau's ACRA Scorecard report, the borrower's position must be at least 600 points for ACRA probable scorecard.
Loan lending  The initial decision on satisfaction / rejection of the customer's application is made by the legal person lending specialist and the final decision is made by the head of the unit after meeting with the customer in the WC, and may also serve as a basis for the rejection of the loan officer and / or the subjective opinion of the unit manager

Required documents

 passport, social card, tax report of last quarter

* Loan approval is available online or at the office. You can also subscribe to the online application for this loan. In the Application status section, dial the code you provided and learn about the application process.

  ** Providing required additional documents at the office

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