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Loan aim Residential realty purchase
Lon region Basically in Yerevan, Ejmiatsin, Abovyan, Masis, Ashtarak
Loan currency AMD
Lending term 120-240 ամիս
Annual interest rate  9.5% (2% subsidized)  in Yerevan, 10.5% (4% subsidized) in other regions
Deposit (at least) 30% in Yerevan, 10% (in case ofadditional property pledge) in other regions
Loan amount 11 000 000 AMD
Loan/pledge ratio 70% in Yerevan, 90% (in case of additional property pledge) 70% in other regions
Loan and interest rate peyment Monthly equally
Fines, penalties Overdue amount penalty daily 0.05%,overdue interest rate penalty daily 0.08%
Early payment penalty 0.6% of 10% of paid amount during the first year
Application review fee 5 000 AMD
Loan service fee 0.7% of loan amount, at least 30 000 AMD, maximum 100 000 AMD
Decision making In 3 days after presentation of required documents
Loan processing In 7 days after presentation of required documents
Necessary conditions
Residential reaty collateral evaluation by independent assessment organization,
pledged residential realty annual insurance of physical damage for 0.2-0.22%, consumer's annual insurance from accidents for 0.2-0.22% of loan amount
Additional conditions
  • Spouse's total maximum age 60, when one of them is not more than 35
  • maximum value of realty purchase - 16 000 000 AMD
  • market estimated maximum value of realty purchase - 16 500 000 AMD

"Financial assistant" system can be found at the following link` www.abcfinance.am

Updated:11/09/2019 10:21:28