Global Credit

Project loans of agricultural development

Annual interest rate
  • AMD 10-12.5%
  • USD 7-12%
Annual factual interest rate
  • AMD maximum 16%
  • USD maximum 12%
Lending term Up to 24 months (if operational fund is 20.1% and more part of loan amount) and up to 84 months (if operational fund is 20% and less part of loan amount)
Loan amount
  • 500 000- 60 000 000 AMD
  • 1 500 - 150 000 USD
Lending type Cash/non cash
Payment Annuity, with grace period (as the customer wants)
Loan/pledge ratio
  • In case of realty pledge- 60%
  • In case of movable and main funds pledge - 50%
  • In case of operational funds pledge - 40%
Loan security
at least 2 sureties, movable property/realty, main or operational funds pledge
Customer Physical and legal entities
Loan aim
agricultural development
Fines, penalties

Overdue loan amount daily 0.13%, overdue interest rate amountdaily  0.13% 

Early payment penalty

Is not applied

Loan service fee (once)

0.7% of loan amount

Interest rate payment


Loan amount payment grace period

up to 18 months

Loan processing

In 7 days after presentation of required documents 

Solvency assessment
  • Affirmative loan history,
  • cash flow analysis,
  • visit to business, living place/economy 
Reduired documents
  • Applicant's (husband or wife) identification document 
  • marriage certificate (if the applicant is married),
  • identification documents of sureties,
  • property ownership certificate or other land ownerhsip certificate ,
  • reference from village
Updated:19/03/2021 16:04:40