Global Credit

Solar system purchase


Customer Resident of RA
Loan amount 200,000-3,200,000 AMD
Loan currency AMD
Loan term 120 months
Loan payment monthly equally
Annual interest rate 9.5%
Annual factual interest rate 10.25%
Lending type lump sum
Loan/pledge ratio 100%
Prepayment starting from 0%
Signind documents credit և solid collateral agreements
Pledge equipment purchased or/and guarantee
Penalty accrued on the overdue principal amount of the loan, unpaid for each day 0,13% daily
Penalty of not paid amount 0,13% daily
Early repayment penalty 0%
Monthly fee not required
Loan approval  in a day
Required documents Application
passport/ID and social card 
Updated:19/03/2021 13:07:56