Global Credit

Global Credit in Telcell wallet

11 / 06 / 2021

The loan is provided in a few seconds, in the range of 6,000 - 100,000 AMD, for a period of 12 months, before checking the credit history of the user. It is also necessary to have an e-mail attached to the wallet. address:

The received money can be used in Telcell Wallet, making transfers, payments and purchases.

And when repaying the monthly loan payment, you just need to look for "Global Credit" in Telcell Wallet and enter the contract number.

"By creating this product, we aim to become the customer's financial friend, to be available in any situation, in the solution of any short-term issue," said Hayk Kocharov, Global Credit Retail Business Development Director.

"At Telcell Wallet we have created another advantage - to get a loan 24/7 even when shopping at home, at work or in the store. "We have used technical solutions for the development of this product, which allow us to get rid of complicated paperwork and manage finances from your own smartphone," said Irina Gasparyan, IT Director of Tel-Cell.