Global Credit

Digitalization and the other news in the field of online lending

30 / 12 / 2021

Executive Director of Global Credit Luiza Igraryan summed up 2021 and presented the innovations expected in 2022.

- How was 2021 for "Global Credit", what progress were you able to ensure?

- A difficult situation was created for all of us this year. We needed to get out of last year's ordeal, move on, work twice as hard to make up for lost time. This year we tried to make pro-customer decisions as much as possible, to be by the side of our customers.

- What new opportunities have you created for your customers?

- Global Credit's vision has always been to be a fast financial and easy-to-serve financial partner. get money to solve short-term financial problems.

This year we have successfully implemented a number of concessions and support programs, which will be continuous until we can stand together.

- What innovations are you going to launch in 2022?

- We are moving towards digitalization, we plan to make a number of innovations, through which customer service will be easier and more convenient. You no longer need to go to the office to write an application. This way the service will be faster and simpler, in addition, customers will be able to save their time. We will have some news related to the online lending platform, about which we will talk in more detail in the coming months.

Summing up the work done and the year, we wish everyone a Happy New Year, a year of new achievements, new interesting ideas, new successes registered together.

Happy New Year և Merry Christmas!