Global Credit

Tender for marketing agency

01 / 04 / 2021

Global Credit is looking for a Marketing Agency that will bring to life the marketing vision of the Company.

We are looking for a family member who will join us from the first steps of our Company transition.

All directions of development will be fully entrusted to the selected Agency.

Required fields of Marketing companies:
Brand Awareness
Digital Marketing
Creative Campaigns
Sales oriented marketing campaigns

Companies are asked for:

Digital Marketing report example from one of the latest successful online campaigns - with metrics and dimensions
Other channel marketing reports showing the results of a successful marketing campaign.

After passing the 1st stage, shortlisted marketing companies will be given brief, TOR, and other data of Global Credit to be able to prepare for the 2nd stage.

1st stage: april 01-08
2nd stage: april 09-15

Please, send the required documents by email:

For more information: 011 700 100