Labour loans
Loan currency AMD

Manner of lending

Cash or non-cash

Annual nominal interest rate


Annual real interest rate*

19.31 - 23.31%

Lending term

1-24 months

Loan amount

Maximum 1 500 000 AMD

Loan security

Employer guarantee (who was included in the RA SRC 1000 list of large taxpayers)

Payment of interest**

monthly or annuity

Loan repayment

monthly or contractual

Application review fee

5 000 AMD

Loan service commission (a lump sum)

2% of loan amount

Fines, penalties

fines on overdue amount daily 0.3%,fines on overdue percentage daily 0.5%

Loan provision (rejection) decision-making

Within 1 working day after presenting required documents


*- Annual real interest rate shows how much the loan will cost to you after paying the interest rate and other payments in defined deadlines and amounts. You can consult the calculation of annual real interest rate by clicking here.

**The interests are calculated by the nominal interest rate on the residual amount of loan.(Daily interest rate is calculated on daily basis on the principal amount of the loan balance). You can consult the example of interest calculation here.

You can consult ''Financial System Mediator'' by the following reference

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