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Please be informed that on November 28, 2019, Global Credit UCO CJSC plans to issue and place nominal coupon bonds. The first tranche of the Armenian Stock Exchange OJSC will allocate USD 1,000,000 total, 6.5% annual coupon yield, 2 years turnover, USD 100 face value through a standard closed (European) one-time auction. , non-paper bonds: The minimum bid price of a bond at the time of placement is $ 100, with the lowest bid not being accepted during the placement of the bonds.

In the second tranche of the primary placement of “Armenian Stock Exchange” OJSC through standard closed one-time auction will be allocated 500,000,000 AMD total, 9% annual coupon yield, 1 year turnover, 50,000 nominal coupon nominal value 10,000 AMD bonds. The minimum bid price of the bond during the placement is AMD 10,000, the lowest bid which will be rejected during the placement of the bonds.

RENESA CJSC acts as a placeholder, and after the listing of the issued bonds, the latter will also perform market maker functions.

The electronic version of the prospectus is published on the official websites of "Global Credit" UCO CJSC and "RENESA" CJSC at www.globalcredit.am and www.renesa.am, respectively.

Additional information You can find in Armenian.

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