• 120-240
    Maximum period
  • 60,000,000
    Maximum laon amount
  • 15,000
    Got a loan

Global Credit offers a fast, convenient, and online mortgage. You can apply for a loan through the CASHME application.

Borrower/ Co-borrower

RA citizen and resident

Loan amount

from 2 mln AMD to 6 mln AMD

Loan interest rate


Factual interest rate


Interest rate for first 3 years


Loan currency


Lending term

120-240 months

Lending type


Loan security

pledge of Realty purchase, sometimes also pledge pf other property

Property purchase and/or pledge contract

trilateral agreement

Payment Frequency


Required prepayment amount

starting from 30%, in some cases from 10%

Loan amount / collateral pledged value coefficient

maximum 70%

Penalty for early repayment only for the first year

0.6% of overpayment

Penalty for overdue amount

0.13% daily

Daily penalty calculated on the overdue principal amount of the loan

double calculated annual rate of bank interest established by the Central Bank as of the contract date

Penalty for overdue interest, for every unpaid day

0.13% daily

Loan lending after receiving state registration certificate of mortgage

maximum in 3 working days

Refinancing period

180 days

Loan decision making

in 3 days after presentation of required documents

Loan formulation

in 7 days after presentation of required documents




Required documents
  • application for a loan

  • passport and social card with its copy (in 2 copies)

  • copy of the work book (if available)

  • copy of employment contract;

  • reference from the place of residence

  • referrals on income (defined reference from salaries of salaries, other 

  • references, etc., which confirm the amount of income)

  • marriage / divorce certificate with copy, 2 copies (if any)

  • her husband's passport with copy (in 2 copies)

  • children's passports with their copies in the presence of children

  • identity documents of other owners of residential real estate with their copies, in 2 copies (if any)

  • reference on persons registered / registered in the given area at the moment of pledging of residential real estate (in its copy)

  • passports of persons registered at the residential real estate address with their copy, in 2 copies (if any)

  • a document certifying the ownership of residential real estate with a copy of its copy, two copies (certificate of ownership, etc.)

  • the copy of the basis of the acquisition of the right of ownership of residential real estate (decision, contract, etc.)
    certificate from the territorial subdivision of the State Committee of the Real 

  • Estate Cadastre for the restriction on the subject of the residential real estate (Single reference)
     cost estimate of residential real estate renovation by signature of the undertaking or borrower / co-borrower

How to get a loan
  • Application
  • Preparation of documents
  • Loan confirmation
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  • 2
  • 3
    Any place convenient for you