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    Maximum period
  • 80,000,000
    Maximum laon amount
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Applications online/ organization office
Status legal person
Loan currency USD
Loan amount 20% of the residual amount of customer service, maximum 200,000 USD
Loan term 45 days
Annual interest rate 12-24%
Loan security in case of legal person: organization director's/founder's guarantee
Loan payment main amount in the end of term, interest rate: monthly
Loan lending payment 0
Loan service fee (monthly) 1% of declining balance
Fines,penalties Overdue amount penalty daily 0.13%,overdue interest rate penalty daily 0.13%, 
Loan providing in 1 day after presentation of required documents
Required documents

1. Decision or extract from a competent authority to make a credit,
2. Certificate of State Register (with all inserts)
3. Charter (with all subsequent amendments);
4. Tax code / copy /, TIN
5. Patents / Copy /
6. Copies of founders and director's passports;
       Other required documents at the request of a credit specialist

Preliminary presentation of documents [email protected]
Customer's credit history requirements

During the last 12 months, the number of overdue days should not exceed 36 calendar days and / or the number of lump-sum overdue days during the last 12 months (or, if any), for a serviced or serviced loan, should not exceed 15 calendar days,

The loan repayment date provided by the customer at the date of filing a loan application must be at least 12 months

Other conditions

The maturity date of the frequent loan (s) at the date of submission of the application must be not less than 12 months

How to get a loan
  • Application
  • Preparation of documents
  • Loan confirmation
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