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    Maximum period
  • AMD
    Maximum laon amount
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Cash transactions
Cash lending  
AMD 0.3%



other currency

daily tariff

Banknote authentication




Other currency

0.1%, at least 200 AMD
References and agreements  


  • on liabilities
  • on quarterly mortgage interest rates
  • On AHC compliance
  • to receive child support
  • for the transfer of the social package amount
3,000 AMD VAT including


  • Alienation of pledged property
  • Leasing of pledged property
  • State registration of changes related to the pledged property
  • Exemption from pledged property
3,000 AMD VAT including
Provision of credit statement*  1,000 AMD VAT including

Change of the collateral of the loan by the request of customer

Change of mode of transportation 5,000 AMD
Change of realty 10,000 AMD
Change of guarantee 5,000 AMD
Loan term review by the request of the customer
Organizing the signing of contracts outside the Credit Company 15 000 AMD
**The tariff does not apply to "EXTRA" and Agricultural business loans
***In case of duplicate
****The tariff does not apply to loans provided under the "Credit Resources for Financial Institutions" procedure.

Services provided by the Credit Organization

Tariffs are charged only in AMD. Presented tariffs, rates և list of services over time Customers will be notified by the Credit Organization. From the available information service, press releases or other mass media, from the organization's website: www.globalcredit.am


How to get a loan
  • Application
  • Preparation of documents
  • Loan confirmation