Fintech: Digital transformation
06. 04. 2023

Global Credit continues the series of "Global Talks" professional seminars, during which specialists from the Global Credit team share their experience and knowledge with participants interested in the field.
After successfully wrapping up the "Risk Management" seminar, it's time for Digital Transformation.
The 2nd interesting meeting of the series of "Global Talks" professional seminars is expected with Hayk Kocharov, Director of Retail Business Development, who has about 20 years of professional experience and is ready to share his rich knowledge with you.
During the "Fintech. Within the framework of the "Digital Transformation" seminar, we will present the modern fintech trends in the world and in Armenia.
Fintech are financial technologies that help financial services and companies manage the financial side of business.

During the seminar we will talk about.
✅ Technological fintech (software, applications, etc.)
✅ Financial fintech (providing financial services)
✅ We will analyze the innovations, problems and perspectives of the sector.

Entry is free, follow the link and become a participant in an interesting conversation.

May 4
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