Global Talks
06. 09. 2022

Global Credit initiated a series of seminars, Global Talks, through which the organization's specialists will share their experience and knowledge with people interested in the field. We talked about this with Narine Karapetyan, Head of Global Credit Public Relations and Marketing.

- Why did Global Credit decide to organize a series of seminars?

- It is necessary to keep up with the world's rapidly developing events and innovations and not fall behind. But it is better when you not only participate in these innovations, but also create and implement them yourself. Over the years of its activity, Global Credit has repeatedly acted as an innovative organization. All this is due not only to the right leadership, but also to a smart and hardworking team.

Now is the time to introduce our team members to the public, who will regularly share their professional experience and knowledge at various events.

- What is the goal of this series and how will it differ?

- As I mentioned, through this series we aim to introduce our specialists to the public, who, by the way, have many years of teaching experience both on Armenian and international platforms. On the other hand, there are currently a lot of seminars and various courses, but there are narrow professional areas that are open, and we will try to fill that gap. Such professional discussions and exchange of experience can provide a positive shift in the field and be a source of new and interesting ideas.

- Who is Global Talks intended for?

- The seminars are intended for all persons interested in the given topic, of any age group. From students to professionals or people completely ignorant of the field but interested, they can get useful and interesting information from these seminars. Why not, this can also be a good platform for new acquaintances and gathering of people in the field.

- What seminar is being prepared in the near future?

- We plan to have conversations on sales, artificial intelligence, new directions of marketing and many other interesting topics. The first is the topic "Risk Management in Fintech".

- Why was this topic chosen as the first Global Talks?

- There are many risks in business life that can jeopardize business development and advancement and of course affect financial results, and predicting and preventing risks helps to avoid financial losses, especially nowadays, when the world is changing unspeakably fast.

-Would you elaborate on who can participate and how to register?
- The first seminar will take place on October 18, at 19:00, admission is free. To become a participant, you only need to pre-register on the event page. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

To learn all the details and register, you can go to this link: